Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Visit a Christmas Tree U-Cut to Get Your Christmas Tree

In our family Christmas is not a few days but an entire season which starts about December 1st and ends in mid-January. This coming weekend we will all be heading out to Rocky Top Farms just outside New Ross, Nova Scotia to cut the family Christmas trees.

As this weekend is the 16th annual New Ross Christmas Festival we will spend the day there, cutting our trees, taking in the craft show, walking through the village to take in the seasonal decor and visiting Santa at the New Ross Farm Museum.

Lunenburg County is the Christmas Tree Capital of the World (that's what their sign says). We really do live in the best place to cut our own tree :) There are 3 U-cut lots available so you have lots of choice of where to go. We go to Rocky Top because Nelson comes to the Hubbards Farmers Market to sell his products and we buy our Christmas and Thanksgiving turkeys from him.

As I'm participating in December Views this month, hosted by Darlene at HippyUrbanGirl , and have selected the Nova Scotia outdoors as a theme I thought the photo of the team of horses that took us into the u-cut lot would be a great start. Please check back each day to see a new photo.

December Views

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