Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sea Kayak on New Year's Eve

In early December I met an interesting couple at a party. They have a home near Tangier, Nova Scotia, the small fishing village where I grew up. The discussion quickly turned to the beauty of the coastline in this area and the opportunities to kayak out to the islands in the eastern archipelago, which lie just of the coast. It is a very popular area for sea kayaking as these pristine islands are easy to reach by kayak, have lots of beaches for landing and are great fun to explore. Nova Scotia's oldest sea kayaking company, Coastal Adventures operates from Tangier.

Our new friends told us they celebrated New Year's Eve in 1999 - the turn of the millennium - by kayaking out to the islands at midnight. There was a full moon and it was very cold. The sea water formed ice wings on their paddles as they slid through the silent night. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? I hope we have the opportunity to experience this some day. Not tonight though as we are hosting the neighbourhood party to welcome 2010. Happy New Year to all and all the best in 2010.
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  1. Anne

    Here's hoping you have a wonderful, warm toasty New Year with your friends and neighbors!

  2. Same to you Tara. Imagine it is an exciting evening in NYC. We watch the ball drop in Times Square at midnight - makes for two celebrations as our time zone is 1 hour ahead of you.