Friday, September 10, 2010

My Three Favourite Things About Golf

This is Arch and his buddy, Norman, on a golf course in Palm Desert California. It is obvious from this picture that they love golf. So do I. I am not very good at it (truth be told I am downright bad) but I have fun and that is the main thing. To me golf is a great excuse to go outside and play.

My three favourite things about the game of golf:

  1. It is a very social game. The game involves lots of standing around and moving from hole to hole so there is lots of time to chat and visit with your fellow players. And then there is the 19th hole....
  2. You are really only competing against yourself. I know lots of guys like to bet on holes and create a competition but for me the only person I am playing against is me. Trying to better my score from the last time, sink a putt I missed on a previous occasion or drive the ball 10 yards further - there is always a challenge, but it is a personal one.
  3. Each new hole is a new opportunity to do well (I am a glass half full kind of person). If you make a real mess of a hole you walk on to the next one and there it is, spread out in front of you, a brand new chance to excel.

PS Can you find the coyote in this picture?