Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Sunset

Sunday night family supper is a ritual in our family. It is a time of the week when everyone gathers to discuss the past week's activities and news and make plans for the coming week. While are not a large family there are usually between 12 and 20 for supper so it is always nice when the 6 little people can go outside to play for a while and give the adults a chance to visit. As sunset comes early this time of year outdoor games can be a challenge. That makes flashlight tag an important addition to our games repertoire.

It is a simple game but the kids love it:
  • Somebody has to be chosen as "it".
  • This child gets a flashlight and hides his/her eyes and counts to 10.
  • Everyone else runs and hides in the dark corners of the yard.
  • The child who is "it"searches for them with the flashlight.
  • As soon as the flashlight spots a child he/she is considered found.
  • The search continues until all children are found. This is an important safety feature - we don't want to loose anyone.
  • Then the first one found is "it" for the next round.
This game keeps everyone entertained until supper is served.


  1. We used to play a game called "home-free". If you could get to base without the "IT" calling your name you were safe. (One cousin ran at home base hiding behind an old Christmas tree). And if you were IT and stuck too close to homebase... kids would yell out, "hey, your base-sticking!!"

    Choosing who would be IT? Now that brings up some fun. Everyone would put in a foot;

    "My mother and your mother were hanging out clothes, my mother punched your mother right in the nose... what color was the blood?"

    "Engine engine, number 9, going down the Chicago line, if the train goes off the track, do you want your money back?"

    Played these games everyday as kids...

  2. Flashlight tag is the best!
    Love your sunset!