Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Go Outside in the Peggy's Cove Area

I am lucky enough to live in one of Mother Nature’s truly great playgrounds – the Peggy’s Cove Area of Nova Scotia. Peggy’s Cove itself is a tiny fishing village at the mouth of St Margaret’s Bay. Its lighthouse, which warns sailors away from the rocky shores, is world famous but few know of the wonderful outdoor playground that surrounds it.
  • First there is St Margaret’s Bay itself. The bay consists of 5x7 miles of unobstructed waters. The area is free of shoals, commercial traffic, and currents. It is aligned with the prevailing southwest winds and generates a 15+ knot breeze on sunny days. A perfect spot for boaters and its many islands make it a fun spot for kayakers to explore.
  • Then there are the rocks and boulders. Bouldering and rock climbing are popular sports in the eastern part of our area, around Prospect, Terence Bay and West and East Dover.
  • St Margaret’s Bay is a great spot for scuba divers with lots of sea life and kelp beds to explore.
  • Then there are the beaches – we have 10 – while they are busy with swimmers and boaters on warm sunny days they are virtually deserted at other times – perfect for exploring, picnicking or simply relaxing to the sounds of the ocean. Many of us enjoy a walk on the beach on a stormy day when the surf in up.
  • The bay is surrounded by small villages but there is plenty of water access and just behind the villages is the forest with miles of hiking trails and many lakes suitable for canoeing and fishing.
  • This area provides lots of opportunity for remote camping and hiking, all within Halifax city limits. The St Margaret’s Bay Trail runs from Hubley to Hubbards and connects to other trails at both ends. It is a popular spot for walkers, runners and bicyclists. By using the connector trails you can bike (or walk J )from Halifax to Lunenburg.
  • I love to golf and we have what I consider to be one of Nova Scotia’s most challenging golf courses in our area. Granite Springs, is near Peggy’s Cove and gets its name from the granite rocks and many springs and water hazards on the course. We have friends who come to visit year after year just to take on this course.
  • If you love photography or painting you will love the Peggy's Cove Area. There are endless vistas small and wide for you to portray. Mother Nature changes the landscape everyday so the possibilities are endless.
  • Recently, a group of photographers and bloggers toured our area. You can read about their experiences in our area here: Things to do For Two, With Bite, and you can enjoy a the pictures from their photo tour here. Kimberly of East Coast by Choice has an interesting perspective on our area.

If you love to go outside, plan a visit to the Peggys Cove Area and spend a few hours or a few days. It is truly a “locals know” kind of place so please ask local folks about the best spots to go to follow your interest. Everyone is happy to help. We own The Bay Hammock Company on the Peggy’s Cove Rd (highway 333) in Seabright and are happy to share our favourite spots, just drop in and ask. If you live in the Halifax area it is the perfect place to get away without going away. Check the Peggy's Cove Area Blog for special events and deals.