Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Great Tree For The Birds

photo by Linda Monk Fahie

It is unlikely that you are going to select this lonely tree to serve as the family Christmas tree but it would be great to decorate for the birds.

For years my husband, Arch, and I lived in Ontario and drove "home" to Nova Scotia every Christmas. Beside the highway between Grand Falls and Fredericton New Brunswick, there was always a tree that someone decorated with an assortment of food for the birds and, I expect, the deer.

One year we stopped to peruse the menu. It contained quite a selection of goodies: Suet with seeds in cages, oranges stuck with sunflower seeds, peanuts in mesh bags, a couple of bird feeders with niger seeds, & corn cobs. There were even a couple of mesh bags filled with pieces of wool that the birds could use in their nests.

This would be a great project for the little ones with help from some adults to get some goodies to the top of the tree, out of reach of the deer.

December Views

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