Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Swap

A while back Alice Griffith, author of the blog Fanciful Alice started a blog swap. I thought this would be great fun and decided to participate. Alice participated in a previous swap and loved getting a package of little gifts from another part of the world, so she started one of her own. Twelve people agreed to participate. I sent my gifts to Angela Lockley of Calne, England. As it has not arrived yet I will wait to tell you what I sent. My gift arrived from Debs Carrs in Jersey, Channel Islands. I was very excited when I learned that Debs was from Jersey as several of my ancestors were from the Channel Islands.
Here is what I received:

Sea shells from the Jersey coastline. A decorative tea towel and window sticker from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust which is a great gift for someone who loves to Go Outside. Also the Durrells were my ancestors so... The sachet filled with Jersey lavender has found a happy home in my Smart car and the sweet treats are tucked away in the pantry awaiting the end of my participation in the 10 in 10 challenge.  - tomorrow, yeah! Thanks Debs for all the little gifts.

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