Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Late Winter Walk in the Park

It's been a perfect winter where we live. Enough snow in the ski hills for the skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts and very little along the coastline, allowing those who love to hike, walk, etc. access to our favourite areas. The snow has pretty much left the forest around where we live but the trails are still wet in spots so last weekend we decided to go for a walk in a city park. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm (for March) day and we are lucky to have a very large, forested park in our city. There were lots of people outside having fun.

The park juts out into the ocean so we were able to enjoy part of our walk along the coastline. It was a beautiful day but I think these boaters are pushing the season. Unless they are moving the boat from winter storage and planning a trip south.
The park has a large "of leash"area for dogs so Tara made lots of new friends. She is a "country dog" and accustomed to roaming free as long as she stays on our property so when out in strange places she stays on the leash so she doesn't run out of our sight.
These folks look like birds on a wire. It was a great spot to sit on a washed-up log and enjoy the ocean.

Winding up a game of soccer.

Writing a song, perhaps.

It was a great day for a picnic

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