Monday, March 29, 2010

Sugaring Off Party

This Grandma Moses painting, depicting a sugaring off party (prints are available for purchase here: Buy artwork by Grandma Moses at in Quebec reminds me of how much fun it is to go outside and head to the sugar bush during late winter and early spring. "Sugaring Off" refers to the tapping of maple trees to harvest the sap that runs freely at that time. Stands of maple trees suitable for harvesting sap are called the "sugar bush".

Here in Nova Scotia a favourite maple syrup producer is Sugar Moon Farm in Earltown. Sugar Moon is the Native American name for the full moon of the sugaring off season - the month of freezing nights & warm days that usually occurs in March/April (it is also called maple moon).

Sugar Moon Farm, owned by Scott Whitelaw and Quita Gray, is a member of the Atlantic EconoMusee Network, the same Artisans at Work network that The Bay Hammock Company belongs to. We are a network of shops that are 'living museums' where you can discover the history of a craft or trade, meet the artisans, and find out first hand how we are adapting traditional know-how to modern needs.

The sugaring off season is the perfect time to visit Sugar Moon Farm. At the farm you can hike (or snowshoe if there is too much snow to hike) to the sugar bush, follow the production process from tree to table, then sit at the table and enjoy a traditional sugar camp meal in the log Pancake House. Don't forget to purchaes some maple products to take home. If, like me, you are a keen hiker you could also hike the Rogart Mountain Trail - a 6 km wilderness trail that starts and ends at Sugar Moon's parking lot. Maps are available at the farm. Don't go without one. All in all Sugar Moon provides a great way for the whole family to go outside and have fun.

We are going to Sugar Moon in a couple of weeks when the amber maple syrup, which runs late in the season, is available. It is our favourite. My friend, Shelagh, attended the maple syrup festival in Earltown and dropped in at Sugar Moon last weekend. You can share her experience here.

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  1. Thanks for the background on Sugar Moon Farm. Went there for breakfast this morning. Had a great time sitting by the fire eating delicious pancakes and homemade sausages. Very friendly people and speedy, efficient service.