Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sensational Snap Society

Even I have trouble getting motivated to go outside during the rainy, foggy days of a Nova Scotia spring.

So I decided to do someting about it. What I needed, I decided, was a great reason to go outside. Maybe something really interesting to challenge me. I was musing about what that might be when I read Alice in Paris' blog about the Sensational Snap Society - an photo e course where the author and great photographer, Shelagh Duffett, will teach folks to see and record the world around us in a different way. What a great idea. Maybe it will help me to see the world close up and appreciate the small beauties that shine through the fog and rain drops. It will be a challenge as I tend to be a soft focus, big picture kind of person but it will definitely give me a reason to go outside and play.

Sounds like fun, don't you think. If you would like to participate you will find more info here. The course starts April 2 so hop on over and sign up.


  1. Hi Anne! It WILL be fun:) Have a great day!

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