Monday, January 4, 2010

Surf's Up

You have to be hardy to surf in Nova Scotia in January but lots of people do it. The picture above was taken by Reed Holmes after last Saturday's storm.

As storms pass by our Atlantic coast they stir up waves that are excellent for surfing. People travel from far and wide to take up the challenge of winter surfing. Are you up to it? If so you can find everything you need to know plus lots of great pictures at Scotia Surfer. Let me know how you get along:)

By the way, Lesley Choyce is a very popular local writer. He is also an avid surfer who moved from the US to Nova Scotia for the surfing, among other reasons. Most people would go to Hawaii. Or California. He writes very vividly about his surfing experiences on his web site. When you go to his site click on "The Surfer".
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  1. Wow! That water has got to be 21 yr old college son is a big surfer here on Long Island and is right now in Hawaii surfing during his break--but he'll be back surfing here, too-cold does not deter him!Would me!

  2. People who surf here seem to love the cold. Hawaii sounds better to me.

  3. Hi,
    I am about 4000 miles away from you, on the North Coast of California. they surf here and the waters pretty darn cold.

    Cool shot!


  4. Hi Pam

    Have visited the Northern California Coast. It is beautiful and very rugged.


  5. Hi Anne,
    Yes it can be that way. I am comfy here in my little place with a lovely small garden and doing a magazine from a little 8x10 room as I look out.

    I open my door to the sounds of the ocean and I am literally 2 miles from it.

    Come on over for some coffee next time your in town! hahaha


  6. Hi Anne, Wish I'd seen the surfers up on the waves like this. The ones I saw on Sunday were just giving up when I arrived as waves at Cow Bay were settling down.

    Lovely Blog.


  7. That is extreme surfing! I don't know if I'm that brave... but I would love to sit and watch. Lovely :-)