Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Build a Snow Dragon

It is beyond me to understand why people do not like winter. I love it. I just returned from my morning walk - a gentle snow is falling, the temperature is about 0 degrees C and it is very still out. So beautiful. If I were to leave Nova Scotia for the sunny south it would be in the spring when the rains come.

But then I would miss the birds returning from their winter home, the forsythia, azaleas and rhododendrons bursting into bloom, the scent of apple blossoms and lilacs in the air, the maple, birch, oak trees, et al coming into leaf, the garden coming to life for another year, and on and on.

So I guess I'll just stay here.

One family in our neck of the woods added to their enjoyment of winter by building a snow dragon. A very creative one I must say, but that is to be expected from the family of creative designers.

Showing off a Masterpiece

Snow Dragon Basking in the Moonlight

Thanks to Larry Burke and family for the pictures.

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  1. Its snowing its dark but going outside anyway to enjoy the wonderful world we live in-Thx to Anne42 for pointing this out

  2. What an unusual snow creation! Well done effort by thta family!