Saturday, May 22, 2010

Diary of a Garden

There is a small garden at the northwest corner of our house that I find very difficult to get looking just as I would like. It gets the early morning and late afternoon sun and is subject to the northwest wind as it whips off the ocean. In other words it is a tough spot for plants to exist. This year I am giving it one last chance to survive.

I purchased the annuals for this spot from Valerie at the Hubbards Farmers' Market. I know from experience that plants from Valerie are healthy and will grow well.

The plants  pretty much filled the back of my Smart Car.

 I chose begonias as they do well in part shade and make simple beautiful table centerpieces for dinner parties, etc.

I left in place a small bleeding heart and some sweet woodruff that seem to be doing well in this location. Moved a tall grass that grows well in another, very windy, spot in the yard and planted it at the corner the wind whips around. Finally I added a hosta plant a neighbour gave me. It will fill in the spot where 3 rather lonely daffodils are growing.

The tree stump is a permanent feature. I am not about to tackle that :).

I will post photos occasionally so you can follow the garden's growth and see how it does.


  1. Can't wait to see how you proceded!

  2. How did your garden do ? It looked lovely in May. Sybil