Friday, April 2, 2010

Signs of Spring

One of the great things about the snow-free winter we had is that the trails are already dry enough to walk on. This morning Mary and I went for a dawdly (is that a word?) walk along the St Margaret's Bay trail searching out signs of spring. I took lots of pictures, some came out well, some did not. That's why I am joining Shelagh Duffett's Sensational Snap Society. :) The course starts today, actually.

Alder beards and buds.
Hubby, Arch is patiently waiting for the alder leaves to appear.
When they get as large as a mouse's ear it is time to go trout fishing.
Fishing season opened yesterday.

 The maples are getting ready to bud

The crocus are peeking from the ground.

 The lupins are not far behind

 Roaring brooks are carrying spring snow melt down to the sea.

I love early spring. It is such a positive and hopeful time of year.

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  1. Hi A:

    Happy Easter! May you enjoy a day of peace and comfort with your family! :0)